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Do you want to get a web presence, or update your existing website to make it more mobile-friendly? If so, we may be able to help you. At WYSI, we specialise in providing affordable web design and SEO services for local businesses. We understand that many businesses have small IT budgets, and we aim to offer the best in flexibility and value for money by creating a website you can add to as your needs evolve.

Our websites are based on a powerful Adobe framework known as Siteglide, which is easy to use and makes it possible for you to add new content and new links to your website with ease. This means that after the initial design work is done, you are not dependent on us to manage your website. You can make changes to the site yourself quite easily, even if you are not a trained web developer.

Our affordable web design services include several different tiers, from small online business-card websites to fully featured, database-driven stores. We understand that not every business needs a complex and fully featured website and we cater to all needs. It is easy to extend the Siteglide CMS and add new features to your site as your business grows. You can add multi-user and team administration features, contact forms, online galleries and more with ease.

In addition to offering the full range of options that surfers expect from desktop-targeted websites, we provide responsive designs which look equally appealing on smartphones, iPads and tablet PCs. It is more important than ever for business owners to target mobile users with their websites. Responsive designs save you time and effort by ensuring that your website looks good on any device. Instead of having to run more than one version of your site, or using complex Javascript to identify the platform and serve up different mark-up to different devices, you simply create one page and have it work anywhere.

If you aren't sure what you want from your website, our designers would be happy to talk to you and show you some of the options that are available to you. We have a lot of experience in designing for small and medium-sized businesses, and we will work with you to build the perfect online extension of your brand. Your first consultation session is free and it comes with no obligation to use our services.

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Robert Wakefield

My career in SEO and web development began in the mid-1990s when the Internet was in its infancy and Google had not even been conceived. Nowadays my role is split between heading up the content marketing/ SEO department, which has grown considerably over recent years, and overseeing operations including PHP and MySql (Open Source) development for larger, more bespoke applications.

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