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Luke Wakefield

By Luke Wakefield   

This blog post focuses on the importance of branding and ensuring it's kept consistent throughout your marketing material both online and offline.

Branding is an important factor in determining your place in the market so it's important to get it right.

Branding is essential for bringing across a strong identity for your company. It should aim to convey clear ideas about the company and strong messages about what it stands for. Anything from business cards to websites should hold firm on the branding and build perception of the company.

But what sometimes falls along the wayside in branding is the importance of branding continuity. Establishing a firm foundation for the brand is a key step which should be taken at the very beginning of any branding exercise.

From the ground up

Everyone who is involved in the branding process should be aware of the brand foundations. The foundation will work as a series of filters that ensures that a company’s materials will always meet the requirements of the brand and convey a consistent idea about the company.

When a business starts looking at a rebrand or a ‘freshening-up’ of existing branding, they should start with the very core reason that the company was established and work from there. Looking at the mission, values and vision of the company can really help in coming up with a brand that strongly reflects exactly the right tone.

Once a brand foundation has been firmly established, the company can start building on it and developing new materials. They might start with a new business card or brochure to work through any teething problems that the new style might have.

Then they can move on to larger projects such as the corporate website, making sure that it makes consistent use of the new colours and logos.

Staying on track

With a foundation in place, the consistency of the brand is far more likely to hold up over time. If everyone involved in the production of materials is made aware of the foundations through a house ‘style sheet’, some really beautiful materials can start being produced. And all of these materials will reflect the new style of the company with complete consistency.

Having a keen eye on continuity can boost your brand awareness and give you a better ROI in your branding. The efficiency of your branding will be heightened and you will reap the rewards through heightened awareness in your market.

So, if you haven’t looked at coordinating your marketing materials so that they’re in perfect unity, make sure it rockets to the very top of that pesky ‘to do’ list. And if you need any help, we'd love to get involved.

About the Author.

Luke Wakefield

Hi, I’m Luke and I work closely with new and potential clients to ensure we understand exactly what’s required or advise on how best to solve any current issues. With both an Engineering and Design background I enjoy problem solving and planning out sites that then become a reality. It’s extremely rewarding to see ideas come to life and know that we’ve made it happen. I also manage much of the growth and development of the business and find that my experience in overcoming our own challenges allows me to relate extremely well with existing and potential clients.

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