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By Luke Wakefield   

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It should come as no surprise that the web is big business. According to a recent survey conducted by Barclays, the average online business generated £8.9 million of revenue in 2012, and business owners expect to report even stronger revenues for this year.

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What may come as a surprise, however, is that online businesses are seeing more and more of their customers visit them using mobile devices. More than 60% of business owners cite having a strong mobile strategy as an important factor in their success, and one third of online businesses have seen an increase in mobile traffic since Christmas 2012. When you consider that the holiday season is traditionally a busy time for online businesses, this increase becomes even more noteworthy.
Harnessing Mobile Traffic

Mobile devices are the future of online marketing, but 40% of online businesses have not yet created a mobile marketing strategy. If your business is among that 40%, then now is a good time to re-evaluate your website design and your marketing techniques. Businesses that had their websites designed more than a couple of years ago will probably find that their website does not adhere to responsive design principles, and that it offers a poor end-user experience for anyone on a mobile device.

The first step towards updating your website to cater for mobile users is to speak to local responsive web design companies and get your site redesigned. If your site uses a CMS, then you should experience no difficulties in updating the template and keeping the content. If your site uses a static design, then redesigning the website will be more work, but responsive web design companies will help you to work out the best course of action.

At WYSI, we specialise in providing affordable mobile-friendly websites. We offer free consultations and are always happy to help local businesses improve their websites. There's no such thing as future-proofing when it comes to the web, because technology evolves so quickly. However, our Siteglide CMS based websites are extensible and customisable, and are designed from the ground up to ensure that they can grow with your business. There's never been a better time to invest in the mobile web.

The Barclays study found that 29% of businesses are developing a mobile website now, and 33% have plans to develop one soon. Do not let your competitors get ahead of you and capture the mobile audience in your niche.

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Hi, I’m Luke and I work closely with new and potential clients to ensure we understand exactly what’s required or advise on how best to solve any current issues. With both an Engineering and Design background I enjoy problem solving and planning out sites that then become a reality. It’s extremely rewarding to see ideas come to life and know that we’ve made it happen. I also manage much of the growth and development of the business and find that my experience in overcoming our own challenges allows me to relate extremely well with existing and potential clients.

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