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Luke Wakefield

By Luke Wakefield   

We look at how to run a news feature on your website - and why it's different to blogging.

Last week, we looked at how to run a successful blog on your website. This led us to mull over the value of news features too. We thought we'd save this week's post to look at the differences between news and blog features. Plenty of people get them a little bit confused, so let's clear it all up.

Facts, facts and more facts

The main difference is that the news feature is there for you to talk about the facts surrounding your developing business. If you've hired someone new, won an award or moved to new premises, this is the kind of stuff you should be plugging into your news section.

News shouldn't be designed to provoke discussion (though if it does, it's not the end of the world), it should simply be a platform for you to show how your business is coming along.

Your blog is where you should go if something's happened in your industry that needs to be discussed or if there's a general topic that you think your customers will be interested in.

Your blog shouldn't be a list of press releases about your achievements, it should focus on the hot topics and progressions of the area in which you work. As we discussed last week, your blog should always feature content that is relevant and interesting to a wide audience.

Get the tone right

The other difference between a blog and a news section is your tone of voice. A news section will naturally take on a more corporate, formal tone whereas you can have more fun with your blog.

Get creative, use a chatty, informal tone and try to involve your readers. Inviting comments and being friendly is a great way to get those website stats to spike.

Make them work together

Although blogs and news sections are two completely separate entities, there's no reason why you can't use one to complement the other.

For example, perhaps you're launching a new product. This is something that belongs on your news section but why not write a blog post to which the news story can link (and vice versa)? A demonstrative post about the practicalities of your new product - specifically how it solves problems - can make a very interesting blog post.

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