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Luke Wakefield

By Luke Wakefield   

How to create rich, themed content that improves conversion rates and boosts your SEO.

Recent developments in search engine algorithms have dictated that the content of a website is now more important than ever. In a shift that was long overdue, the words in your website are now just as important as meta titles, descriptions, code and other SEO efforts that take place 'behind the scenes'.

How themed pages work

Search engines now interrogate a page thoroughly to determine exactly how useful it is for the user. In an effort to return precise results to their users every time, search engines are really starting to narrow things down.

Rather than simply scanning the meta description, the search engine will swoop through the entire page to check that the words match up what the page claims to be about. In order to benefit from this new system, a page should ideally have a 'theme' running through it so that the content perfectly mirrors what it is supposed to be about.

The importance of 'landing pages'

You may have heard the term 'landing pages' banded about in the world of SEO, but what exactly are they? Landing pages basically act as a funnel into the rest of your website. Depending on the search term, you want to direct people to the most useful page in your website. So instead of landing on your home or contact page, visitors are dropped directly on to a page that sells your service. This page will be themed around exactly what they've searched for.

So for example if a googler types in 'florist service in Bristol', you can craft a legitimate page (as long as you're a florist in Bristol or nearby!) that is themed around their search term and sells your service as exactly what they've been looking for. By entitling said page 'The best florist service in Bristol' you're immediately positioning yourself as the undisputed best choice.

Getting it right

The best route for developing a host of themed pages that get results is to enlist the help of a web design agency that knows the subject inside out. They will be able to help you identify strong themes and build upon these to increase your conversion rates

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