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Luke Wakefield

By Luke Wakefield   

Updated website

We've just launched our latest version of the website which now includes an interactive services section as well as a more in-depth about us section.

Have a look and let us know what you think.

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Why the change?

In 2013 we want to make sure people know exactly what we do and how well we do it. We also want people to be able to find out more about us and refer to our site for helpful information. There are 5 main changes to the site:

1 - Our brand new What We Do section.

Our new What We Do area of the site hopefully shows the range of services we can offer, the benefits of our packages and the powerful features of our online platform, Siteglide. http://www.wysi.co.uk/what-we-do

2 - An updated About Us section.

The About Us section now explains our background, shows our values, allows you to meet the team and also explains who we work with. We hope to add more to this area soon including individual profiles. http://www.wysi.co.uk/about-us

3 - Blog enhancements.

We want our blog to be a valuable resource to clients and other businesses. We've improved the layout, included a search and created simple to navigate categories on the top menu. We really hope to develop the content here and that you will find the information useful. Keep and eye out for helpful tips, free downloads, industry updates and more Wysi news like this. 

4 - Landing Pages and Squeeze Pages.

It's becoming increasingly important to be specific. The internet is a very competitive place and as a user I'm sure you will agree the first visit to a website needs to quickly show you it offers exactly what you're looking for. We're developing very specific entry pages to ensure people find the information they're looking for. This is a big focus for us in 2013 and we're currently developing an easy way for clients to manage this for their own websites without coding knowledge. http://www.wysi.co.uk/promo/free-website-audit

5 - A new homepage to reflect the changes.

We want to show off all the changes we've made and make them easily accessible from the page that most people arrive on. We feel the new homepage quickly shows what we offer, links off to the right places and also gives a bit of an overview of who we are and what the site offers. www.wysi.co.uk

Have a look around.

We hope you will have a look through the new site and see what we've got to offer in 2013. If you think we can help someone you know please do share this post or suggest they get in touch. We've built our business on word of mouth and our results and we're very grateful for all the mentions that we get.

About the Author.

Luke Wakefield

Hi, I’m Luke and I work closely with new and potential clients to ensure we understand exactly what’s required or advise on how best to solve any current issues. With both an Engineering and Design background I enjoy problem solving and planning out sites that then become a reality. It’s extremely rewarding to see ideas come to life and know that we’ve made it happen. I also manage much of the growth and development of the business and find that my experience in overcoming our own challenges allows me to relate extremely well with existing and potential clients.

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