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Affordable web design in Berkshire

Choosing a firm to do your web development is not always easy. You could contact several firms in the Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Thames Valley area to get web design quotes and find that the quotes differ by several orders of magnitude, depending on the firm you are speaking to. If you want to get the best deal on your website, then you need to understand why quotes differ so much and how to understand what is included in each quote.

Affordable web design for small business in Berkshire
Each web development firm has its own system for producing a quote. Some firms provide simple, turnkey websites and charge an almost flat fee for them. This kind of website design service may be suitable for an individual looking for a simple blog, but it is not suitable for a business that has more specific needs. Business owners looking for a good web designer should look for a company that offers more detailed quotes.

What Should a Web Design Quote Include?

Ideally, your web design quote should clarify exactly what the designer will and will not do for you. Think about the following things.

• Do you have to purchase your own domain name or will the designer purchase it for you? Will the domain be owned by you or registered under the designer's name?

• Will you use your own hosting or is hosting included? If hosting is included, how long is it offered for and what is the renewal fee?

• Who is responsible for providing graphics, logos and photography?

• Is the website powered by a standard CMS or something custom-coded?

• If it's a custom-built CMS, what will the affect be to you if the company goes out of business?

• How much support is included in the price?

• Who is responsible for installing patches and security updates for the CMS?

• Who is responsible for providing content? If the web designer is handling content creation, how much do they charge for updates, and how quickly will they process requests to update the website?

• If the website is hosted on the designer's own servers, what is their procedure for moving the site away from them, should you ever wish to do this?

If you are looking for web design quotes in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire and Hampshire, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. At WYSI, we cater to all sizes of business. Our websites are powered by the industry-leading Siteglide CMS and are easy to upgrade and expand as your needs evolve. We understand that every business has unique needs and will do our best to identify and meet yours.

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