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By Robert Wakefield   

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Almost every company has a website today. Consumers expect to be able to engage with their favourite brands online and offline, via social media and on their mobile devices and desktops. A traditional desktop-only website is not enough to fulfil the needs of modern web users. The good news is that the responsive web design revolution is only just beginning, and the companies that invest in responsive design today will be well ahead of the competition.

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According to a recent report published by Barclays, titled "The Evolution of Online Business", only just over one third of businesses in the UK have a current mobile marketing plan, yet more than half of all businesses acknowledge that mobile web users are becoming an increasingly important part of their business.

What Is Responsive Design?

One of the biggest challenges of creating a website that works well on mobile devices is the diversity of the mobile ecosystem. Mobile devices come in a range of different screen sizes, and have different browsers installed on them. While most mobile devices are capable of running standard HTML and CSS, not all devices support Java or Flash, and other proprietary plug-ins such as the Unity player and Silverlight are supported on desktops only. Creating a website that looks good on all sizes of mobiles, and at all orientations, is a challenging task. A responsive web design company creates websites that look just as good on a mobile device as they do on a desktop computer.

WYSI is a responsive web design company that specialises in creating attractive, dynamic and responsive websites for businesses in the UK. We understand that it is important to deal with local companies, and we work closely with all of our customers to provide local knowledge and technical expertise.

All of the websites that we create are based on a sophisticated content management system called Siteglide. This content management system is easy to customise, modify and extend. Siteglide-based websites are perfect for use by small and large businesses, and can be used to manage company intranets too.

Having a responsive website is just one element of a mobile marketing plan. The most successful businesses use that website to target local users, and offer a strong value proposition for those customers. This is something that you can build into your online marketing plan once you have a fully featured responsive website.

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My career in SEO and web development began in the mid-1990s when the Internet was in its infancy and Google had not even been conceived. Nowadays my role is split between heading up the content marketing/ SEO department, which has grown considerably over recent years, and overseeing operations including PHP and MySql (Open Source) development for larger, more bespoke applications.

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