CampaignPlus - what is it?

Campaign+ is a new wysi product designed primarily for those clients who do not want the expense of a new Business+ or Commerce+ website but require extra traffic (SEO) driving to their existing website(s).

Occasionally, a client might have Campaign+ and a Business+ solution, but in most cases not.

Campaign+ is a micro-site (or series of micro-sites) with highly optimised landing pages for long-tail searches (very specific, such as 'Panasonic Plasma 60" TV Model PATV98765432-x' etc.) and which then direct targeted traffic to the client's main site, often to the exact page for that product.

The Campaign+ pages themselves will have both on-page and off-page optimisation; the off-page will be intensive back-linking from high quality sites with good Google Page Rank, such as article and review sites, blogs and forums. The optimisation will also include social media and video optimisation.

Read more about Campaign+ by returning to the FAQs.


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