Future-Proof Your Website Today
If you have not updated your website in the last few years, now is a good time to take advantage of affordable web design options to bring your site up to date with modern standards. This is especially important if your website has not been designed with mobiles in mind. Is your site showing its age?

WYSI offers affordable web design services to UK businesses. Whether you are looking for a simple online business card or a fully featured, flexible site based on a high-end content management system, we can help you. All of our sites are based on Adobe's Siteglide framework, which offers the perfect balance between ease of use, flexibility and power.

Siteglide is a highly extensible, database-driven CMS that is suitable for SMEs of all sizes and in all niches. It features a flexible theme system, which means that you can modify the way the site looks with ease and don't need to worry about losing the content that you have worked so hard to create. In addition, it is designed with teams in mind and supports secure areas, Access Control Lists, secure pages and Role-Based Access Control. Siteglide works well both as a customer-facing website interface and for your intranet.

SEO is as important today as it has always been, and the team at WYSI can offer detailed advice about how to effectively create content that Google loves. We can also answer questions about the technical side of SEO, and troubleshoot problems that you may be having with your existing website. What's more, Siteglide includes an extremely SEO-friendly FAQ module allowing you to answer your readers questions at a glance. It's a great way to capture your visitor's attention (remember the attention span of the average visitor is 8 seconds before they hit the back button if they're not interested in what they see).

Today, almost every business has a website. What sets one company apart from another is the quality of the content on their websites, and how accessible that content is to their target audience. Smartphone owners are rapidly becoming the most active demographic on the internet today, and those users demand fast-loading, flexible and engaging websites. Take this opportunity to bring your site up to scratch, and then rest easy knowing that your business will survive the Hummingbird update and should be ready for whatever Google plans next.