Identifying the Return on Your Web Design Investment
If you have not updated your website to ensure that it is mobile and search-engine friendly and complies with modern standards, then now is a good time to find a company that offers affordable web development services and have them look over your site. At WYSI, we specialise in creating websites based on a flexible, industry-standard CMS called Siteglide. These websites are easy to update and add features to, offering as much future-proofing as is possible in such a fast-moving industry.

See the Returns

One of the best things about running a sales-focused website is that it's easy to test and quantify how the website is performing. If you want to try changing a sales page, you can easily run side-by-side testing, serving up different versions of that page to different visitors to see which one does the best. You can test different designs, calls to action, text and images until you find the perfect combination.

Most affordable web development companies will be happy to offer guidance about how to structure your site, but only you know your products and your target audience. That's why it's so important to have your web designer put together a site that you can edit and maintain yourself. A good content management system gives you the freedom to tweak and test your content whenever you want.

Using powerful, free and flexible analytics tools, you can see your visitors' behaviour in real time, get instant feedback about your design decisions and access detailed demographic data. Are most of your users accessing your site via a smartphone? Do people keep coming back to your site, or are they visiting once and leaving, never to return? Is your email list actually bringing people back to your website? If you can learn the answers to those questions, you can then calculate exactly how much value your website is adding to your business.