Questions to Ask Your Web Designer
Before you go shopping for affordable web design companies, think about the work that you want done, and look closely at each designer's portfolio. These tips will help you to find a company that can create the website that you need, at the right price.

Look for Websites in the Same Niche

From a code point of view, it doesn't matter what niche each website in the designer's portfolio is in. However, from a design point of view, niche really does matter. You'll get better results if you work with a designer that understands the desires of your consumers.

Ask Whether the Designer Did Branding Work for Past clients

If you need branding work done, find a designer that is experienced in this. Designing a website is not the same as designing an entire corporate image.

Contact Each Client in the Portfolio

Don't take the designer's word for it that they really did make the sites shown in their portfolio. Ask to speak to some of those past clients and find out how much work the designer did for them. Did he improve their conversion rate? Did he do a lot of branding work for them? Have they been helpful in terms of support and CMS updates since the job was completed? These details matter.

Communicate Clearly

Once you have found some affordable web design companies that you like the look of, contact them and explain clearly and concisely what you want done. Don't just say, "How much would it cost for a website?" The term "website" covers everything from a handful of static HTML pages all the way through to a multi-user web portal with a mobile-friendly responsive design. You don't have to impress the web designer with your knowledge of internet jargon, but it will help them to serve you well if you can explain what features you would like the website to have, and exactly what you want to achieve with your online presence.