What 4G Means For Your Business
Mobile Sites Don't Have to Be Boring

The earliest mobile, or WAP, sites, were incredibly simple ones designed with slow connections in mind. These sites were made up almost entirely of text, and avoided complex layouts that may not work on primitive phone browsers. Such simple layouts are no longer required because modern smartphones, and even feature phones, have fairly powerful browsers. However, the old image of mobile sites as having boring, simplistic designs is one that refuses to go away.

Thanks to the power of responsive web design, it is possible to produce sophisticated, attractive and interactive websites that work well on both mobile and desktop devices. This kind of design is particularly important for companies that target a specific geographic area, because so many consumers use their mobiles when searching for local companies.

At WYSI, we specialise in providing responsive web design in Berkshire, working with local companies to produce mobile-friendly websites that work equally well on 4G, 3G and even GPRS connections. If you are one of the 39% of companies that does not yet have a mobile marketing strategy for the 4G age, then you should definitely make this year the year that you update your website.

According to a recent report on the evolution of online business published by Barclays, more than one third of companies already have made plans to use 4G to build engagement with their customers, and a similar percentage are investigating their 4G options, planning to use the technology to offer richer and more engaging ways to access their products and services or to add location-aware service options to their existing sites.

If you are looking for responsive web design in Berkshire, get in touch with us today. We'll be happy to show you the kinds of engaging and exciting things that are possible with mobile web technologies, and discuss which options are best for your business.
Wysi of Berkshire specialise in responsive web design for small to medium businesses in Berkshire, Hampshire, the Thames Valley and throughout the UK.