What Makes a Good Web Developer?
When you are looking for web design quotes across Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and the Thames Valley, consider the history of each firm. Are you sure that the company offering the quote can give you the quality of website you need?

There are many things that go into developing a good website. Your website must not only look good, but also be well coded in the back-end too. A good web designer will produce a responsive, mobile-friendly website that is search-engine friendly and also easy for you to update.

At WYSI, we design websites based on a powerful content management system and development framework called Siteglide. This system was created by Adobe, a leading technology company, and their credentials show through in the flexibility and robustness of the system. Siteglide-based websites are easy for their owners to work with. Adding content is simple, and adding features is also easy because of the modular plug-ins and web app extensions to the system. As your business evolves, your website can grow with you.

Before you commit to working with any web developer, ask them what they use to build their websites and what their policies are for updates. WYSI chose Siteglide because of its extensibility and inherent mobile friendliness, but there are other powerful systems on the market, and the important thing is that your chosen web developer can coherently and clearly explain the choices they have made. A good web developer will be eager to maintain a relationship with your business after the initial website deployment, and will be happy to explain how they will patch and update your website and what they charge for bigger changes or more extensive maintenance.

It helps to choose a web design and development company fairly near to you; however, you should not compromise on the quality of your choice just for the sake of convenience.  Site visits may well be a viable option, and the designer may well have the kind of local knowledge that makes it easy for them to optimise your site for local users. Get as many local web design quotes as you can, and compare the quotes in detail so that you understand what you are getting. Above all, choose the right firm for the job; not just the nearest company or cheapest quote.