DTB Sports and Events

Complete Rebuild - Large Site

DTB Sport and Events is a very large database-driven corporate events and hospitality website.

The client came to us for help as the old site was hard to use and clear, simple navigation was critical. Due the number of ways visitors might want to search, we recommended splitting events from venues as well as many other major navigational changes.

The content is mostly Web App driven (Siteglide's powerful database system).

DTB sports and Events website
large database website for DTB
Custom design and development by wysi of Berkshire

Database-driven events

One of the recommendations we made to DTB was to run each and every event as a database item; this enables the client to create a new events, classify them according to the event type or location. We coded the pages to display these events dynamically so the client never needs to touch the output page.

High Search Engine Positions

The old site was not really performing as well as it should in the major search engines - this was the main reason the client approached us in the first place. We recommended a website rebuild because we felt the old site was not particularly search-friendly.

We started our monthly SEO service as soon as the new site went live in mid-2015; this comprises regular fresh content (always topical and interesting), continued on-site improvements, and quality back-linking and reputation management.

In this time the Pagerank has increased to PR4, the domain authority has improved dramatically and the website is at #1 position for many extremely relevant searches.

Database using Siteglide's powerful web apps
high positions on google due to wysi seo

A great business and a great result

DTB Sports and Events are one of the best known Sports and Events Management companies in London, and indeed the UK. Their expertise in corporate hospitality and red carpet event management is second to none. The client now has an impressive website to showcase their offerings, and top results on Google too.

Our digital marketing plan (which we put in place for DTB) includes our fresh content pipeline - regular interesting and topical blog posts relating to sports and other events - high quality back-linking and social sharing.

Over the years, experience has proven that a combination of a well-built, responsive website, good quality fresh content and domain authority management are the magic ingredients for high positions on Google. 

For content to be shared it has to be interesting and worthy of sharing. By creating helpful content about the wide range of events offered by DTB readers are more likely to share and increase visitor traffic.