Tactical Live

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Welcome to Tactical Live! This is where it all happens if you're interested in Brand, Sports or Events.

Tactical Live have been a valued Wysi customer for over 4 years now and we've built a number of websites for them in that time.

The latest Tactical Live website is a digital showcase of achievement, expertise and brand proficiency. You name it, Tactical have done it. DHL, SAP, Santander, Accenture, BMW SAUBER, Williams F1, Renault F1, Sochi 2014, VISA, Virgin, Vodafone - the list just goes on and on...

Closely affiliated to Evolution Sport (see case study here), Tactical Live know their stuff and deliver in style.

Sites like these are always a pleasure to work on; as developers and designers we feel we've been to so many big F1 events just by working on the site! 

Tactical Live website by Wysi
Strong imagery
Branding in a responsive layout

Branding and live event production

As a brand production company, Tactical have worked with some of the biggest high-profile companies in the UK, if not the world. There's little they don't know about brand promotion and event production/ management.

When they came to Wysi for help getting the website right, we recommended an 'endless scroll' style responsive layout from our Siteglide collection. This allows us to showcase the numerous examples of Tactical's work and easily add more without any major structural changes to the site.

Jump to live site to see example.

Grid items are all database-driven with automated positioning and new row creation.

Case Studies

Each grid item links through to a brief case study giving the outline of the project. This is useful for potential clients who will want to 'check out' Tactical's work before making contact.

Case studies have a small image gallery with an auto-slider that changes the image every x seconds; the timing is completely adjustable.

Client case studies include Williams F1, Jenson Button/ Halycon, Renault F1, Banco Santander, Speedo, Duracell, The Americas Cup, Blackberry, Infiniti Red Bull Racing, Canon, Casio, J P Morgan, and Firetrap.

Image galleries
Powerful presence and imagery

Powerful Presence

The overall result of the new Tactical Live site is one of a strong, powerful digital presence portraying the company as a leader in Brand and event production - which is exactly what they are.

The project was a delight to work on and we look forward to working again with Tactical Group very soon.

If your business needs a new image or brand makeover, why not drop Tactical a line? If your website is letting you down, talk to Wysi for some solid advice. We're on 03301 222 152 and we're Brilliant with Digital, (but short on modesty).