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By Luke Wakefield   

Lead generation does not have to a pain; with our business website packages, it's on autopilot.

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Everyone knows that a good website should generate leads. When people arrive at your site, you want to put efforts in place to ensure they fill in your ‘contact us’ form or give you a ring. There are many ways in which you can encourage contact, but the best ones are those that run automatically on your behalf.

Building a bespoke website can result in a catalogue of lead-generating features, but did you know that good website packages can offer this too? Website packages have countless benefits (including saving you time and money) and are very powerful when it comes to marketing, too.


One feature of a well-designed website package is a web form with an auto-responder facility built in. Your customer pops their details into your beautiful contact form and hits the ‘send’ button. But what next?

If they do this early on a Saturday morning, they could be waiting until Monday morning until they receive confirmation that you’ve got their details. Auto-responders fire out a message that tells the customer you have received their details safely and will get back to them as soon as possible. The content and response time can be designed by you so here’s a tip – make it friendly. Chat to them as you would do on the phone: that way they’re more likely to respond to your follow-up contact.  

Customer relationship management

A useful website package will also offer you a database facility which you can use to organise and monitor the details of your customers. These details will be protected with a secure login facility so that you can assure your customers that their details are safe.

Collecting this information can be extremely valuable for e-newsletters, mailshots and various other marketing materials. You don’t have to splash out on a custom website to receive these CRM facilities.

Start generating

The features we’ve talked about are just two of the lead-generating benefits you can expect to be offered in a website package. There are plenty more, and you’ll soon see the potential that lies in your online presence.

Generating leads online should be at the top of your marketing list. But what’s important to remember is that you don’t have to spend tens of thousands of pounds or wait for months on end for your web project to be completed.

A website package can save you money and could have you online in a matter of weeks. Then you can start generating those all-important leads.

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Luke Wakefield

Hi, I’m Luke and I work closely with new and potential clients to ensure we understand exactly what’s required or advise on how best to solve any current issues. With both an Engineering and Design background I enjoy problem solving and planning out sites that then become a reality. It’s extremely rewarding to see ideas come to life and know that we’ve made it happen. I also manage much of the growth and development of the business and find that my experience in overcoming our own challenges allows me to relate extremely well with existing and potential clients.

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