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Boosting your conversion rate

Luke Wakefield - Monday, February 25, 2013

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your website is, if it doesn’t convince people to become your newest customer (aka ‘convert’), it’s not doing its job properly.

No website has a conversion rate of 100%, but many sites suffer alarmingly low figures. Let’s look at some areas you need to concentrate on in order to boost your site’s current conversion rate.


Too many companies these days lose sight of how important it is to keep things simple. A really good website will put up no user boundaries whatsoever, making sure that any user who drops by the website is able to use it with no hurdles.

This means the site should:

  • be compatible with all browsers
  • be accessible worldwide
  • feature extremely obvious buttons/links (such as ‘buy’/’checkout’)
  • be usable and engage the visitor

A good web design agency will be able to help you tick these issues off your list.


Nothing infuriates a user more than being vague. So if a product is out of stock, make it obvious on the product page, not when the user gets to the final point of the checkout process. Or if you receive a less-than-perfect review, don’t immediately take it down. And, most importantly, be up front about your pricing as early on as possible. Shipping, packaging and any other additional charges should be obvious immediately, not at the final stages.

Simplicity (again)

Yes, we’re keen on keeping things basic. In this case, it’s to do with customer information. Be realistic about just how much information you need from your customers in order to complete their requests. Okay you need their shipping address to send a product, but do you need two telephone numbers? And if a customer is downloading a PDF, do you really need their email address?

Creating accounts is something that should only be demanded of your customer when absolutely necessary.

Call to actions

Probably the most important aspect of conversions is the strength of your call to actions. These should be featured throughout your site (though don’t overdo it) and they should be obvious and effective.

An age-old trick is using ‘urgency’ in your call to actions. Bare infinitives such as ‘buy’, ‘subscribe’, ‘act’ etc. are often used as they encourage users to take action. You should create a small list of your favourite ‘call to action’ texts and dip into these across your site. Keeping your CTAs consistent is important as users can be overwhelmed by too many different phrases.

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