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Building Your Mobile Audience

Luke Wakefield - Tuesday, January 14, 2014
Mobile websites are no longer a luxury, they're essential for business

Smartphones are almost ubiquitous, and mobile search traffic is growing steadily every year. If current trends continue, then mobile search traffic will outstrip desktop search traffic by 2015. According to a recent report published by Barclays, titled "The Evolution of Online Business", more than 50% of UK companies are concerned that their current websites will not cope with the coming surge in mobile traffic.

responsive web design in the Thames Valley

Even if you have faith in the ability of your servers to hold up when more traffic starts flowing in, that doesn't mean that your infrastructure is ready for mobile users. Standard desktop designs are hard for people to view on small smartphone screens, and usually lack location-aware features that mobile users have come to love and expect. If you want to grow a loyal mobile audience for your website, you must cater to both desktop and mobile users. One of the services that we specialise in at WYSI is offering responsive web design in the Thames Valley.

Responsive design means design that adapts to any size of screen, any orientation, and any modern browser. A responsive website looks just as good on a Blackberry as it does on a desktop or an iPad, and will load quickly on 3G, 4G or a home broadband connection. This is achieved through the use of carefully designed themes that adapt to the device they are being displayed on, and push different images depending on the speed of the connection being used.

Most modern content management systems support responsive themes. At WYSI, we use a CMS called Siteglide which is highly scalable and adaptable, as well as easy for anyone to add content to. Siteglide works well for everything from small blogs to fully featured corporate websites and intranets, and can be expanded and improved as your business grows.

Having a mobile-friendly site is just one part of the equation. Barclays' report emphasises the importance of having a good mobile marketing strategy and using local search to pull in targeted traffic, and hopefully footfall to your business too. More than one third of business owners do not have a mobile marketing strategy at this time, and those businesses are going to suffer as they get left behind by more forward-thinking companies. There are many companies offering responsive web design in Berkshire and throughout the Thames Valley, so there's plenty of choice. Make this year the year that you update your website and embrace the mobile revolution.

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