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Robert Wakefield - Friday, April 05, 2013

Web design and development for SMEs requires a different mindset to ordinary web design. We look at how our website packages offer an extra dimension when compared to other services. What should Berkshire business decision-makers be looking for when choosing a web developer and website protocol?

Successful web design and development for SMEs.

Modern programming techniques (such as HTML5, jQuery, Ajax and JSON) allow us to adopt a far more "Can do" approach when confronted with rather complex requests from clients today. It's great, and we love it - it's probably the best thing about the web business actually.

Perhaps the most significant change in the way we build websites today though is the move away from 'websites' to 'online businesses'. At wysi, we see this as the greatest leap the web has yet seen, because it's not just advancements to coding: it's a sea-change for business owners and operators. Standalone websites do nothing more than act as impersonal shop windows. They can be a bit like unattended outposts! Visitors have no idea whether the site is still active or how long it might take to receive a call-back or information by email. Likewise, most business owners have little or no idea how well their website is performing.

Communication with your prospects

By stark contrast, online business solutions enable business owners to interact far better with their audience; one simple example is the use of our advanced auto-responders. These are often used to instantly send the customer a PDF brochure of goods and services - so they have something to study while they're waiting for that call-back. And you'd want the customer's email address to be captured to your CRM - naturally - so you can keep in regular touch with them via your integrated email marketing feature, which comes as standard with your wysi website package. You need a database adding to your website? No problem!

Connectivity is your key to success.

When we think back (only a few years) to how everything had to be run as a separate entity, from its own system, and there was no connectivity between website and customer database, we realise how far we've come in connecting systems and making web technology so much easier for business owners. And that's what we're really all about at wysi - we like being able to combine 8 or 10 separate business tools and put them all together in one interconnected toolbox - your online business platform - at really affordable prices. We firmly believe that connectivity in business is the future of web development for SMEs and small businesses.

Advice for business decision makers when choosing web designers and web protocols. 

1. Web Marketing. Choose a web development company that understands web marketing. Positioning on-page, calls-to-action, content marketing and writing style all influence conversions. Make sure you get yours right.

2. Usability. Massively important and often the biggest reason for high bounce rates. We need to consider every type of audience when we design websites and web pages. Get it wrong and you'll lose prospects simply because the experience is hard work.

3. Search/ SEO. Some web hosting platforms are poor for SEO: we build most of our business websites onto Siteglide - an Adobe™ powered platform. As you would expect, the servers are top-notch and state of the art. Google measures server response times when ranking sites, so this is critical for SEO.

4. Ease of use. No-one likes clunky, technical interfaces that require a Masters degree in Computer Science to understand. Complicated Admin systems can be off-putting: our Siteglide system is a breeze. And it has contextual help every step of the way should you need it.

5. Support and training. When your new website has been built and is about to go live, you'll need a helping hand to show you round the 'back office'. You'll also want responsive and pro-active support from your developers. And it goes without saying that you'll need a CMS.

All of these features come as standard with a wysi website package for SMEs.

If you would like to find out more about choosing the right web hosting system for your new business website, speak to us at wysi - our help and advice is completely free and totally without obligation.

wysi specialise in building business websites for SMEs in Berkshire, London and the Thames Valley, although we have many clients further afield in the UK and in Europe. Our core strength is providing affordable, professional web solutions for small businesses and SMEs. Our most popular business website package is Business+.
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