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Common Pitfalls of Content Creation for Businesses

Robert Wakefield - Saturday, November 30, 2013
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The Google Hummingbird update has made many website owners take a closer look at the quality of their website's SEO. If you feel as if your website is not getting as much traffic as it should be, or you're looking to get a web presence for the first time and aren't sure where to start when it comes to SEO, this quick guide to making search-engine-friendly websites may help you.

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Killer Content

Most businesses understand the importance of having a website. They may even be aware of the growth of the mobile web and have resolved to get some affordable mobile web design quotes so that they can prepare their company for the future. However, simply "having a website" is not enough to ensure success for your business. Have you thought about what your website should contain, or what you want your visitors to do on the site?

Copy For The Sake Of Copy Harms Your Brand

Google loves sites that are regularly updated with interesting and informative content. Some well-meaning webmasters take the guidance to update their websites regularly a little too literally and churn out huge numbers of articles that are nothing more than keyword-stuffed repeats of old content. Don't waste time and server resources on creating content that serves no purpose. Create some well-written evergreen articles and set a schedule for posting them. Updating your site once a week with great content is a much more efficient strategy than posting filler content every day. Make sure that each post adds value to your site and says something positive about your brand. Even if you don't include a call to action in every post, you should try to make sure that users leave the site with a positive opinion of your brand.

Confusing Navigation Annoys Your Users

One common problem with DIY websites is confusing or error-prone navigation. If you created your website yourself and need to edit the HTML directly to make changes, there is a high chance that you have some broken links. You may also have out-of-date content that you haven't removed yet because it is so time-consuming to make changes to your site. At WYSI, we create CMS-based websites that are easy to manage and update. Instead of having to edit one or more HTML files to create new pages and add links to your content, our Siteglide system handles all of that for you. All you need to do is type up a post in the Siteglide editor, which looks and feels a lot like a word processor. Better still, why not put your site content marketing on auto-pilot? Siteglide customers can take advantage of this fully automated service which delivers high quality content directly to your website/ blog or other resource (such as FAQs).

Don't focus so much on worrying about getting affordable mobile web design quotes and choosing the perfect theme that you forget the other things that go into making a successful website. You need to create good content, have a good layout and have a strong social media presence.

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