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Effective Mobile Design Means More than Just Responsive

Matt Walter - Wednesday, November 27, 2013
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The increasing adoption of HTML5 and CSS3 means that responsive web design is more practical than ever. Responsive web design takes advantage of the power of these technologies to ensure that websites look just as good on a smartphone or a tablet PC as they do on a desktop or laptop. The idea of responsive web design is not really new. The term first rose to popularity in 2010, when A List Apart published an article describing the idea of a design that was more fluid and responsive than the rigid Flash websites which were popular at the time.

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The Challenges of Responsive Design

The idea of building a website that looks good on any device is an appealing one, but there is more to effective responsive design than simply having a website that can fluidly rearrange and scale itself. A good responsive web design company understands this and knows that you need more than some creative CSS to provide a good mobile experience.

At WYSI, we specialise in providing flexible, fast and extensible CMS-based websites which are based on the Siteglide framework. Our websites are not just responsive in the CSS sense of the word, as they are also carefully designed to be search-engine-friendly, load very quickly and place minimal bandwidth demands on mobile devices.

Barclays recently published a report on the evolution of online business which highlighted the challenges facing businesses today. Mobile devices are becoming increasingly commonplace, and a growing number of consumers are using the mobile web to do product research, even when standing in a bricks-and-mortar store. Capturing those mobile users through a high-quality website or a mobile app is an important part of modern brand building. In spite of the popularity of the mobile web, more than 40% of UK business owners do not have a mobile strategy.

Embracing responsive design is a good starting point for your mobile strategy, but you cannot forget the other parts of good website design. Clear usability, fast loading times and good content are all important too. Don't make the mistake of getting so obsessed with buzzwords and technology that you neglect the basics.

Choose a responsive web design company that has a strong portfolio which shows that they understand what users want, and how surfing the web on a mobile device differs from surfing on a desktop PC.

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