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Improving your website's effectiveness - part two

Luke Wakefield - Monday, April 01, 2013

Following on from last week's post, we look at more ways in which you can boost your existing website.

Last week we looked at using SEO, social media and content marketing to increase the effectiveness of your website, but there's so much more to be done. So we stopped before our typing fingers fell off and decided to save the rest for this week.

This is no April Fools' - you really can make all the difference to your website's effectiveness by following Wysi's advice on getting it right.

Corporate branding

If you don't have what most would consider to be a strong brand, you need to address this pretty sharpish. Many businesses don't realise the power that can come from having a recognisable brand that runs throughout every aspect of your business. It's especially important to use sturdy corporate branding across your website, as that's where a vast proportion of your customers will find you.

Getting your branding done right isn't cheap. But when you consider that being consistent in the way you present your company is crucial to developing customer loyalty and awareness, it's definitely worth the investment. Make sure you talk to a design company that can help you apply your new branding to your website.


Video is becoming an increasingly popular way to talk to your customers. There are plenty of readers out there but there are also many customers who prefer to listen. Combining your company message with a visual prompt has proven extremely effective on websites.

But a word of warning: get some help in making your video. Anything that's poorly produced can do your business far more harm than good. A well-made video should pull in ample business, so your ROI won't be in question. You also need to get advice on the best way to host these videos. Videos can take up significant hosting space but there are ways around this.

Landing pages

Put simply, a landing page is your chance to convert a website visitor into your next customer. Your visitor will be arriving at your site because they've clicked on something or filled in an online form so this is a huge opportunity to nail that sale.

When building a landing page, make sure it's relevant to the lead that brought the traffic there. Include strong calls to action and perhaps a special offer.

The uses of and explanations behind landing pages are many and varied but with the right team behind them, they can be an extremely powerful marketing tool.

Wysi can help you with everything we've talked about over the last week. If you need some help with getting your content marketing right, we're your guys. If you want to shoot a great video but don't know where to start, give us a call.

There's not much Wysi doesn't know about turning your website into a powerhouse of conversions!

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