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Is Content Marketing the new SEO in 2013

Robert Wakefield - Friday, July 26, 2013

Is Content Marketing the new SEO? 0 - 1000 unique visitors in just five months for a brand new site. As Google SEO becomes more time-consuming, many companies (both large and small) are turning to content marketing as a sure-fire means of increasing web visibility.

Our regular readers will already know that we talk quite a lot on our blog about content being king, but we learnt something today that reinforces that long-held belief by a country mile.

As an SEO and search marketing company, we obviously need to keep a very close eye on what's happening in the SEO world, with a particular focus on what actually works rather than opinions from the world and his dog which can involve rather over-complicated and often spurious practices! Of course, we all follow Matt Cutts, Google's chief spokesperson, but it's real-life case studies that really interest us. And we came across one such study today (via our content writers) that we wanted to share with you. . .

Zero to hero in 5 months?

At the beginning of this year, a consumer electronics company launched a brand new website. The company wanted to approach search marketing from a content perspective and not just from an 'SEO' angle. They decided their entire online marketing budget would be put to Content Marketing - fresh, topical and newsworthy content published to the site on a daily basis. Sharing was made easy via the social site share buttons. Every day they published new content (written by one of our own content writers) to the website. And they waited. . . and nothing much happened.

At least not for a month, then they started to see a modest rise in footfall to the site, with page views increasing strongly too. They kept calm and carried on - a very British thing to do. Every day they added more interesting content to their new website.

No advertising, just content, content, content

They did not advertise on Google (PPC) and they did not worry too much about back-links - content was their main focus and they stuck with it.

By April (only 4 months since the new site launched) they were getting nearly 900 unique visitors a day and page views were at nearly 2200 a day. They carried on; every day they published more fresh, interesting, topical and human-interest content

By the end of May traffic and page views were up again (at nearly 1000 and 2500 respectively).

So what does this case study tell us about modern day SEO? For me, it says we've gone full circle to the really good old days when SEO was about building a website well, thinking of your dear readers and not the Google God, making content interesting and encouraging people to share it with others; if something is well-written and of interest it will be shared one way or another.

x, y and  z

What I love about this real-life case study is that it flies in the face of all the so-called "SEO scientists" who tell you that you must have a Moz rank of x, an Alexa rank of y and a minimum of z inbound links to get on the first page of Google. Not so - you need a good web developer who understands how to build SEO-friendly websites, a good web development platform on which to build it, and good professionally-written content to get your message out there and get it shared.

Content is Google-proof!

The great thing about good content is that it will always be Google-proof: I think that's a given!
Is linking dead then? No, not at all but this case study certainly goes to show that good SEO nowadays is far more about writing good material that people actually want to read than it is about getting backlinks like crazy.

Here's the traffic graph for the company in question. 

Here at Wysi (based in Thatcham House, Newbury, Berkshire), we offer a fully managed content marketing service for business. To find out more about increasing your business website visibility, just drop us a line or call us on 03301 222 152 Ext 6022. Advice costs nothing and we're always happy to help with SEO questions.

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