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Is It Time For Your Website To Evolve?

Robert Wakefield - Wednesday, September 11, 2013

If you haven't updated your website's design for a few years, you could be missing out on a lot of potential customers. The web has changed a lot since the early 2000s and the way that consumers interact with companies has changed too.

In a recent report aimed at small business owners, Barclays highlighted the biggest growth opportunities for UK businesses. Barclays sees the web as being the single biggest growth opportunity for most businesses and within that niche, the mobile web is one of the most un-tapped channels.

Your Old Website Is Not Good Enough
Competition is increasing in every niche. According to Barclays, 35% of business owners see increasing competition as their biggest challenge for the coming year. What better way to beat the competition than to change the rules of the game? Instead of simply going after the same small group of customers, take this opportunity to get in touch with responsive web design companies and put together a fast and interesting mobile website. Reach new customers and compete in an area where your competition have not even started to build a presence.

The mobile web is growing rapidly, but most small businesses are still stuck in the past. Their static websites or desktop-focused shopping carts and blogs do not look good on mobile phones. Mobile search traffic is set to outstrip desktop search traffic by 2013 and when that happens, responsive web design companies will have the upper hand.

What Does Responsive Mean?
Responsive, in the context of web design, means that the website works correctly and looks good whether it is viewed on a tablet PC, a mobile phone, a laptop, a desktop PC or even a smart TV. Responsive designs scale up and down and even re-arrange themselves so that they look good anywhere. Some sophisticated responsive designs even supply different images depending on the device that the site is being viewed on. They will send high-resolution images to machines with sophisticated displays and smaller, low-bandwidth images for phones. This makes sense because it saves the viewer's data allowance and ensures that they can view the page quickly.

In 2012, the companies surveyed by Barclays earned  an average of £2,474,000 from mobile customers alone. That figure will most likely increase dramatically this year and again in 2014. It makes sense to start targeting mobile customers today so that you can earn your share from this rapidly growing business.

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