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Robert Wakefield
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By Robert Wakefield   

For many years, analysts have been telling us that mobile is the future. The early reports of the boom in the mobile web were premature. Weak processors, slow browsers and expensive mobile data packages hampered the adoption of mobile devices as a means of accessing the internet. However, as Barclays show in their report titled "The Evolution of Online Business", the mobile revolution is finally here.

Affordable data packages, high-speed mobile browsing and feature-rich browsers allow users to shop online, use social media and take advantage of location-aware search to find the perfect products for their needs. The challenge faced by businesses is not attracting mobile users, but coping with the huge number of different devices that are available. Creating a website that looks good on a small mobile phone, an Android tablet, an iPad with a Retina display and a desktop PC can be challenging. That's why so many local businesses seek out development companies which provide responsive web design in Berkshire. The combination of mobile-friendly web development and local knowledge is valuable for local small business owners.

At WYSI, we specialise in providing responsive web designs that are easy to update and expand. We use the Siteglide CMS to ensure that our websites are SEO-friendly, fast and easy to navigate. Whether you want to make a small corporate blog or a fully featured, database-driven website, we can help you.

We also provide help with search-engine optimisation, including local SEO work that will help you to attract visitors from your area to your online store and your real-world premises. Remember that 65% of shoppers research products and services online before going to complete the purchase in a bricks-and-mortar store, and 48% of shoppers either use, or would like to use, smartphones to shop while they are on the go. If your site is well designed and mobile-friendly, those shoppers may choose to visit your store instead of that of a rival. Even if you don't actually sell products online, you need to make an effort to have a strong web presence, as otherwise you will lose customers to competitors who do have one.

If you are looking for responsive web design in Berkshire, be sure to give us a call. We can work with you to produce a user-friendly website that converts well and that will portray your brand in the best possible light.

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Robert Wakefield

My career in SEO and web development began in the mid-1990s when the Internet was in its infancy and Google had not even been conceived. Nowadays my role is split between heading up the content marketing/ SEO department, which has grown considerably over recent years, and overseeing operations including PHP and MySql (Open Source) development for larger, more bespoke applications.

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