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Robert Wakefield
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By Robert Wakefield   

Investing in a new website, or a website redesign, can put a sizeable dent in your marketing budget, but it is worth the expense. A website, once it's online, will be seen by a huge number of visitors and is just as important for your company's brand image and public perception as your store front, letterhead or company business cards.

Finding a web designer to work on your brand's website is not something you should rush into. Firstly, contact a few different companies to get a free web design quote from them. Once you've got those quotes, spend some time reviewing them carefully. Don't just look at the price and choose the cheapest designer, or the most expensive designer for that matter.

What Does That Quote Really Cover?

All too often, business owners make the mistake of picking either the cheapest designer ("Oh, that's a great deal!"), or the most expensive ("He's pricey, so he must be good"). Both of those approaches to choosing a web designer are flawed. Instead of considering only the price that is quoted, you should look more closely at each quote. Does the web design quote cover the following things?

• Hosting (and if so, for how long)

• Your domain name (and if so, who owns it)

• Updates to the CMS

• Graphic design

• Mobile-friendly design

• Support


Think carefully about what you need for your business. If you don't have an in-house IT team that understands how to perform security updates for your chosen CMS, you should make sure that your web designer will handle that for you. If you don't have a logo and some web-ready graphics for your website, you will need to have your designer do those for you. Every business has different requirements, and there is no sense in paying for something you don't need. Sometimes, a no-frills service is good enough, but in many cases it's better to pay a premium to get a powerful, flexible website that will serve your business well for many years.

At WYSI, we have a free web design quote and consultation service for all our customers. We are always happy to discuss the needs of individual businesses in-depth and explain exactly what we provide with each of our website packages. Don't skimp on your website's design, as your customers will notice and your brand will suffer because of it.

About the Author.

Robert Wakefield

My career in SEO and web development began in the mid-1990s when the Internet was in its infancy and Google had not even been conceived. Nowadays my role is split between heading up the content marketing/ SEO department, which has grown considerably over recent years, and overseeing operations including PHP and MySql (Open Source) development for larger, more bespoke applications.

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