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Responsive Web Design for SEO

Robert Wakefield - Monday, December 09, 2013
responsive and mobile web design Berkshire

The past year has been a significant one for responsive web designers. Mobile marketing has become increasingly important for both online and offline businesses. A recent survey by Barclays found that more than 60% of UK businesses believe that mobile marketing is becoming an increasingly important part of their business and will be a major growth area over the next year. Mobile marketing and responsive design are synonymous with each other, and as more companies embrace responsive web design the businesses that ignore it will start to lose out to those who offer a more positive experience.

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Why Is Responsive Design Good for SEO?

Most people think of responsive web design as being a usability choice, but it is important from an SEO point of view as well. When the mobile web was first becoming popular, many businesses launched separate micro-sites for mobile devices and hosted those sites on a separate domain. This strategy works for small websites, but now that mobile browsers have become more powerful and users expect to enjoy a fully featured web experience on their smartphones, these small micro-sites are not good enough.

One option is to extend the micro-site and add more content to it, but this poses several problems. Firstly, having to update two different websites introduces many more opportunities for errors, broken pages and out-of-date content. Secondly, when you run two websites with similar content you end up at risk of duplicate content penalties. Another issue is that if you want to promote both sites, you will end up watering down your SEO efforts. Why build links for two sites that contain the same content?

Responsive web designers specialise in creating themes that look good on all devices. This means you have one site for all users. You build one set of links, and don't have to worry about updating the same content on several different pages. At WYSI, we specialise in providing responsive CMS-based websites that are designed to evolve with your business. Our websites have been carefully optimised to ensure that they are search-engine friendly and work well on everything from the smallest feature phone to a desktop PC or an iPad with a Retina display.

If you haven't updated your website to a responsive design yet, you should seriously consider doing so. Your competitors are embracing the mobile web, so don't get left behind.

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