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SEO is either a waste of money, too costly, or free

Robert Wakefield - Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Which one would you choose?

If you've ever been tempted to use one of those SEO companies that promises much and delivers very little, you'll understand my post title! If not, you might want to take a few minutes and save yourself a packet...

Which one would you choose?

If you've ever been tempted to use one of those SEO companies that promises much and delivers very little, you'll understand my post title! If not, you might want to take a few minutes and save yourself a packet.

SEO - a complete waste of your money.

Not only do you risk getting your website banned on the major search engines, but you'll pay twice: once to discover that there is no 'easy fix' to SEO and again to have a reputable SEO company do it the right way. Any SEO company that promises you a number one result for your website (without carrying out a full appraisal of your site, the competition, your hosting server, IP address and other critical data), cannot be serious. Many of these firms may actually get your website onto the first page or so, but for how long? The trick is to use linking systems that fire umpteen thousand links across to your site in the space of a few weeks. Now Google (more intelligent than a Franco-Prussian science professor) isn't going to be fooled by that, is it? Google expects you (or your webmaster) to develop or 'cultivate' incoming links "naturally and humanly". So, it knows you've just been plugged in to a link farm. Bad news! Your site drops off the first 109 pages.

SEO - a very costly solution.

I'm thinking here about those clients who come to us on a regular basis saying that they have already paid a lot of money for SEO and have not yet got this back in ROI.

For me, it's bit like the telephone call from the advertising salesman. He's got a special on this week and can do you a nice little deal for a prime spot in his publication "which will be seen by millions". Fantastic! Bound to get some business from that then? Well, not necessarily. Because there is no link between what you pay and your likely Return on Investment. 

Ask most business owners about SEO and they'll tell you they can't afford it. We know why, and I will explain . . . .

SEO for nothing - free SEO!

Tempted? Well, you should be. SEO is expensive, right? Yes, it is. But there is a massive difference between price and cost.

If you are paying £500 a month for SEO and you're only getting 3 visitors a month, you might still be making a fortune. Yet, you could pay just £100 a month and be out of pocket.

It's all about Return On Investment. I like this simple formula which reminds me how simple SEO success really is:-

£ = (vq/ cr)

£ is the value of your increase in sales (or benefit from SEO)
v = the search volume (or demand for your services on the web)
q = the quality of our SEO
cr = the conversion rate from enquiries/ visitors to your site as a direct result of that SEO.

Simply put, if no-one's looking for your services or products, the quality of the SEO is irrelevant! Don't spend a single penny on it!

Conversely, if the search volume across the internet is massive and your SEO is rubbish, same result.

How to get free SEO.

Start with a good website, well-constructed and well laid out so the visitor can see what you do and find your offerings. Make calls to action obvious, such as good contact forms and phone number.

Next, determine what a 100% increase in web traffic would do for your business. Remember to count the lifetime value of a new client. For example, you may be an accountant and you will know that if you look after your new client properly, he/she will stay year after year. That should be worth several thousands of ££££'s to you.

Work on the most pessimistic set of figures imaginable! Assume that if you get 1000 unique visitors to your website in a month, only 2% of them will complete a contact form, or pick up the phone to you - let alone buy directly from your website. That's 20 new customers every month. Let's say the lifetime value of a new client is only £100 - that's £2,000 of value from that SEO. If your SEO is costing you less than £2,000 a month, it's free.

That's how we like to work, and our clients' ROIs are very often in excess of 1000%. How free is that SEO? The best business websites need to be well constructed and professionally optimised if they are to work for the owner.

Want to know more? Give us a call on 0845 003 8087 or read more about our refreshingly different approach to SEO on our website.

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