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Take back control: get a content management system

Luke Wakefield - Monday, April 15, 2013

Tired of having to submit minor changes to your web design team? Bored with your site content and itching to get your hands on it? It's time to go CMS.

These days, the majority of savvy companies have cottoned on to the idea of having a content management system (CMS): a back-end to the website to which they have full access, allowing them to add and edit content as they please.

A CMS used to be desirable, but it's fast becoming essential. Companies whose information and rates can be subject to change need to be able to make these amendments themselves, or face a build up of charges from their web designers for updating the site on their behalf.

Best for everyone

Web designers themselves (particularly us here at Wysi) are big fans of CMS sites. Handing over the site once it's finished allows us to move on to other development and design work, rather than having to move a comma here and a decimal point there forever more. We like putting the site in our customers' hands and giving them complete control, it's what makes our relationships work

Keep your site fresh

A CMS-driven site is a goldmine for SEO. With just a little research, you can quickly learn how best to update your site so that you receive improved search engine results. For example, a blog or news facility is hugely valuable for adding fresh, unique and interesting content to your site that keeps users coming back and boosts your SEO.

Speedy changes

The changes that are required to any company's website are limitless. Perhaps you have a 'meet the team' page that needs changing whenever you recruit a new face or an existing staff member moves on to pastures new.

Or perhaps you have a page that lists your current rates/prices: it's vital that this always reflects your current information.

You might move to a new office or change your helpline number. Wouldn't it be great to know you could change this information with just a few clicks?

It's not scary, we promise!

People who are new to CMS-run websites might be a little bit nervous, having never used one before. But all of our clients at Wysi quickly find their way around our CMS, Siteglide. It's remarkably user-friendly and they never come face-to-face with the scary back-end coding: that's for our eyes only.

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