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What your web designer will want to know

Bronwyn Murgatroyd - Monday, March 11, 2013

If you're thinking about giving your website a makeover or you're wanting to launch a new business, then do your homework before you meet a potential web designer.

There's a very long list, but the basics to get you off to a good start are in three categories;

  • Functionality - what do you want the website to do
  • Aesthetics - What do you want your website to look like
  • Purpose - What would you like your reader to do

  • Functionality

    Functionality should be a key consideration in any website design. Visitors to poorly-constructed webpages are left feeling confused and uncertain when trying to navigate the site and can view a company as amateurish or even untrustworthy and not worth doing business with because of this.

    It's worth sketching out how you see the pages being arranged, whether they should be on the main menu or in a subsection. Functionality includes things like online shopping, downloading documents, interactive forms, sign up boxes, video, audio and other things that affect the experience the user has.


    There are many ways to set up the look and feel of your site - using colour, images, different layouts and techniques such as using frames or tables. The most important aspect though is to decide what look you want for your website and apply that look consistently. In order to help your designer get it right, browse a list of sites you like and more importantly, think about why you like them. If you like nice crisp and uncluttered white sites - and your web designer knows that - you won't end up with a dark, ornate site that you dont like!


    When you are designing and building a website you need to have a definite purpose in mind. Ask yourself what you would like visitors to do on your site as there are many potential purposes for a website including getting people to read and comment on your blog, sign up for a free tips download, register for a course or webinar, provide feedback, ask for more information or just pick up the phone and call you.

    Unless you know what you want it to do, you'll have no way to measure how well it's working. If you're armed with this information when you meet to brief your designer you will have a much better chance of getting the website you want.

    Knowing what your end goal is can help us here at Wysi design or retool your site to be the most efficient, exciting, and popular site possible! Why not let us know how we can help my giving us a call today!

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