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Robert Wakefield - Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Why web design, content marketing and SEO are all directly linked together. We explore the 'Rubik's Cube' of successful search engine optimisation and visitor engagement. 

A Website Without SEO
We all know that a website without SEO is not likely to generate much business in the 21st century, but what does it take for a website to do good business? We look at the relationship between the design and build, the content and the SEO - they are all intrinsically linked.

Anyone who has spent even just a few minutes reading up on SEO will know that for every one topic there is more than one opinion as to how it should be done. Confusing - we know! But regardless of whether you believe in MozRank, PageRank, link weight, link juice or Alexa rank no-one can deny the crucial relationship that exists between website build, the content that is added and the SEO results.

It's very much a dependant triangle - remove one side and it falls apart and so do your rankings - so getting it right can make a difference between page one and page one hundred.

The build phase should include such important SEO considerations as:-

1. How SEO-friendly is the hosted platform and code?

2. Can the page titles, meta data and page content be easily edited for SEO purposes on a per-page basis?

3. Is the site navigation (the way the pages interlink) SEO-friendly?

4. Does the website have an integral blog? (A blog hosted on your website increases the content on your domain and can significantly improve SEO rankings.)

5. Will the images be optimised properly?

6. What facilities will there be for content marketing via additional pages?

Getting these basic requirements right at the outset will make phases 2 and 3 much easier.

Just Add Content
Rather like the car manufacturer who, in their adverts, said "just add fuel", if the structural phase is done correctly it's really a case of just adding content - good content. (And by that we do not mean opening the home page with "Welcome to our website"!

The content will either make or break the success of the site in the search engines. When the Internet was first 'born' many business owners were not sure how to address their new web visitors and content was rather simplistic, even poor in many cases. As Google became the dominant search engine of choice, content started to become very SEO-based with keyword-stuffing quite common; this turned away the human audience as most of it made no sense at all! In 2013 website content needs to be engaging and of human interest - not written for search engines but written to engage and interest your web visitors. However, minimalistic websites (perhaps largely image-based) struggle to achieve decent rankings due to a lack of good textual content. More and more business owners are now turning to content marketing as a means of increasing their web visibility and search engine rankings.

3 essential steps
At wysi, we regard website build, content (marketing) and SEO as the three essential steps for a successful online business. (Of course there are many other considerations but we've been focusing on main SEO elements in this post.)

As content keeps getting added to your website, either via your blog or perhaps via the content marketing pages, your domain becomes a rich depository of high quality content that real people will want to read, learn from and share with others socially - and we'll deal with Social Media SEO in a later article.

Keep it fresh, keep it relevant and make it interesting
Following these 3 simple steps will result in greater web visibility and more people wanting to recommend and refer your website to others. 

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