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Website packages - the whats and whys

Luke Wakefield - Tuesday, March 05, 2013

What are website packages and why are they such a good option? The best products follow a strict process that has been refined over time and that's exactly how a good website package works.

Every business is unique and has different needs. Understanding that is a key part of the web design process: what works for one company might not work for another.

But there are also elements of web design that apply to all businesses. Essentially, the foundations are the same but the finished product is as unique as the business for which it has been built.

This is why offering web design packages can be beneficial to everyone involved, saving time and money.


All websites need certain elements in order to function. Top of the list are things like hosting (essentially an online parking space for your site), domain registration (the web address you want to use), email and customised, professional design. 

Then there are the attractive extras, things that aren't necessarily vital, but add plenty of value to the site and its functionality. These might include search engine optimisation, social media sharing options, cookie notifications and a blog or news facility. 


For these reasons, it often makes sense to offer design packages when approaching a new project. Doing so can save the company and designers time, which translates into savings on project costs.

Approaching projects in this way is great for budgeting as you always know what's coming. You can bolt on extra features and services as you need them, but the all the fundamental elements that you need are covered. This is why most small and medium businesses opt for the package approach.

It's sensible to approach a web design project in this manner as you know from the outset exactly what you are getting for your money.  The reason that design agencies like to offer the package option is that it can end up saving them time, meaning they can pass any savings on to you, the customer.

What's included?

It depends on how much you are able to spend. Most web design companies will offer a tiered system where you can choose the package that best suits your needs.

A good website package will include all of the basic foundations that are mentioned above, as well as offering useful extras that add value and function to your website. The selection of these extras will be based on experience, highlighting the features that most companies want in their website.

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