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By Robert Wakefield   

What Is Responsive Web Design? Responsive web design is definitely one of the biggest buzz phrases of 2013. Companies of all sizes have started to embrace responsive design and there are responsive web design companies advertising their services all over small-business forums and SEO forums, attempting to cash in on Google's recent promises to make the web more SEO-friendly. But what is responsive web design and why should you care?

The Desktop Is Dying

Mobile search traffic is increasing every year and it will soon outstrip desktop search activity. Many web users are quite happy using Facebook and Twitter on their phones and don't see the need to use their desktops for day-to-day surfing. It's a little alarmist and premature to say that desktops really are dying out, but they are certainly becoming less important for general tasks. It makes sense to work with responsive web design companies to make sure that your desktop design is mobile-friendly too.

Responsive Works Everywhere

The beautiful thing about responsive design is that it works on any device. Old-fashioned mobile designs were simplistic and looked ugly on desktop-sized displays. This meant that webmasters had to run two versions of their website - one for mobile and one for desktop clients. With responsive design, you can run one version of your site and have it work anywhere. So you work with responsive website design companies once to get the perfect design for your company and then continue to update your site as normal going forward. The total cost of ownership for a responsive design is far lower than that for running multiple sites.

Responsive Design Looks Good

Responsive designs are organised, clean and attractive. The way that responsive design works means that the layout must be carefully planned and the site's code must be structured neatly. At WYSI, we are experts in creating responsive layouts and understand the intricacies of coming up with a design that resizes, scales and moves to fit any screen. We can help you to choose a layout that will look as impressive on a 320px mobile phone as it does on a 21" PC monitor.

Smartphones are an everyday device now and you cannot afford to dismiss tablet PCs or netbooks either. You owe it to your users to make sure that they can access your content on any platform. If they can't find what they want from you, they will look elsewhere.

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My career in SEO and web development began in the mid-1990s when the Internet was in its infancy and Google had not even been conceived. Nowadays my role is split between heading up the content marketing/ SEO department, which has grown considerably over recent years, and overseeing operations including PHP and MySql (Open Source) development for larger, more bespoke applications.

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