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Wysi’s guide to getting responsive in 2013

Luke Wakefield - Tuesday, February 05, 2013

A guide to making your website more customer responsive for 2013. We share some tips and tricks for building a mobile website.

It’s official: we’ve entered the year of Responsive Web Design. It’s been on the lips of plenty of people in the design industry for a long time now but 2013 seems to be the year that everyone else is jumping on board. And thank heavens for that. 

Having one fantastic, elastic website that displays perfectly on Smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops alike is finally on most sensible business people’s ‘to do’ list for the coming year. 

The top three of RWD (Responsive Web Design)

There are plenty of changes you can put in place to make sure that your responsively designed website ticks all the boxes. Let’s look at three of the most important things to remember:

1. Always include a link to your full site – it might be that, when you convert to responsive design, you have to lose some functionality. The big players have done it (Amazon, eBay etc.) and it makes sense to clean up where possible. You’ve got to make room. But don’t forget that these little bits that you lose may be exactly what the occasional visitor is looking for, so make sure they can jump back into your full site at any time, from any point. 

2. Show off your best bits – if you have elements to your site that you’re particularly proud of (5 star reviews or perhaps some great product images), remember to feature them close to the top of your website when moving to smaller screen sizes. They may look great on a laptop but they could be lost way down at the bottom of a smartphone screen. 

3. Keep it clean – clutter is bad enough on full-size sites, but when you’re dealing with Smartphone screens, you’re going to need to do a spring clean. White space looks fantastic on smaller screens, so prune everything back to the bare essentials where you can. 

Why it’s worth it

Most people baulk at the idea of a responsive redesign, but it really doesn’t have to cost you the earth. It’s worth looking at our services and talking to us to see how we can help you make your site fully responsive at a price that you can afford.
And remember, conversions and leads do suffer when companies eliminate users on newer platforms, so it’s definitely an investment in your future.

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