What Do Agencies Need from A CMS?

A CMS, or Content Management System, is a way in which digital content can be created and managed. More specifically, a CMS can be used to create and modify website content. Depending on the CMS in question, these additions and changes can be made by users with minimal technical knowledge or experience.

While back-end developers and designers may rely on coding knowledge to build or adapt websites, these skills can take years to learn. When a website needs to be updated, such as a blog post being added, new stock information being uploaded or a product price change, it’s unrealistic for site owners to wait until a developer becomes unavailable in order to make such a simple change.

This is particularly true for agencies. As digital agencies tend to manage websites on behalf of tens or even hundreds of clients, it would not be cost-effective to hire in-house developers to carry out this type of work.

With a CMS in place, agency staff can modify and update their client’s websites without any real technical knowledge. Marketing staff and digital copywriters may be adept at creating motivating, stimulating content, for example, and by using a CMS they can upload new content directly to the site in question, without having to wait for assistance from a qualified developer.

Working Collaboratively with An Agency CMS

In addition to this, a CMS helps to promote a collaborative working environment and this is essential for agencies. While members of staff may have their own client list, the ability for staff members to work on varying client sites is invaluable.

If a member of staff is unavailable or away, for example, another agency representative will be able to make the appropriate changes to the client’s site, ensuring their online presence always remains active and accurate.

An agency CMS doesn’t just provide a quick and simple way for client websites to be managed, it also acts as a record-keeper, highlighting which member of staff made changes and when they were made. This makes it easy for the agency to monitor activity and present it to clients on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. With some clients unaware of the time it takes to manage a successful website, this in-built monitoring feature makes it easy for agencies to display their work to clients and link results to agency activity.

Cloud-Based Content Management Systems

At WYSI, we understand what agencies need when it comes to CMS’s. As well as assisting in the design and creation of websites, we can facilitate the use of an exceptional cloud-based CMS, designed specifically for agencies.

By focusing on cloud-based technology, we give agencies more freedom and increased flexibility. With many digital staff now working from remote locations, a cloud-based CMS always ensures accessibility.What’s more – our cloud-based CMS allows you to make real-time changes when you’re with clients or prospective clients, thus highlighting your services at a critical point in the sales funnel.

To find out how a content management system could help your agency, contact us at WYSI today.


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