Marketing Automation: Is your business missing out?

If you’re unfamiliar with content marketing, then simply the name, ‘Marketing Automation’ may give you the wrong impression. Automation infers we just hand over a current manual task to software that performs a process automatically, saving us valuable time. However, marketing automation, while definitely saving you valuable time, provides a host of other benefits for your business.

Most sales teams spend a lot of time trying to connect with new leads and answering queries. Anybody who has worked in sales will know just what a frustrating process this can be. From consistently being ignored by contacts that are not interested, to typing similar e-mails time and time again so your company provides a personal service. This creates a situation where genuine potential customers can receive less attention simply due to the volume your sales staff has to deal with.

If any of the above sounds familiar, don’t despair. This is where marketing automation comes into its own.

What is it exactly?

Marketing automation allows you to set up a personalised series of e-mails for different scenarios. You can specify several factors to ensure the person receives the correct reply to suit their needs. Because the responses are automatically sent your potential customers never wait long for a response. Marketing automation also provides much more detailed data than traditional systems. It can be designed to take into account clients spending habits, past interactions with your site, and where they currently are in the buying process.

It can deal with a lot of messages, such as welcome messages, abandoned carts, date specific messages (birthdays etc.), post purchase follow-ups and personalised product recommendations. Most things you come across on a regular basis can be automated with tailored message streams.

Feedback loops, metrics and user flow can be analysed to refine your content marketing even further. All of a user’s reactions to your e-mails combined with information about their use of your website provides invaluable data.

Why Would I Use It?

It’s a powerful marketing tool. When used correctly it can increase your conversion rate considerably, while reducing the time both your marketing and sales teams spend sending e-mails and chasing leads. Consistently delivering tailored content builds stronger relationships with customers. It can also calculate what stage of the purchase process customers are at, handing them over to the sales team at a predefined moment. All of this happens while saving your sales team valuable time to focus on only the hottest leads.

When careful consideration is given to the content of the personalised e-mails and the ways in which they are used, companies will see an increase in conversion rates. Well-constructed message streams keep customers engaged and progress them further down the sales funnel. A reduction in the amount of time required to convert is often reported as well.

I’m Sold. How Do I Use It?

To be sure you’re going to use the best tool for your business, and that it will be set up in the most useful and efficient way, get in touch with Wysi. We are experts in digital marketing and our talented and dedicated team love to help businesses reach and surpass their goals. We have decades of experience creating solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations. The results our customers enjoy speak for themselves, from big increases in conversion rates to climbing to the top of a Google search; we are committed to delivering every time. Get in to

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