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Website Rebuild for better Content Management & Security

SD Worx approached us to rebuild their website as the current platform was being discontinued leading to security issues and no support. We demonstrated Siteglide and the support/security offered by Adobe which you don't get from many Open Source platforms such as Wordpress.

We rebuilt the site with a very similar design but fixing any issues and most importantly making it easy to edit from within the Siteglide CMS.

The Brief

There was a very clear remit to rebuild the existing website with the same design. The old platform, Expression Engine V2, was being discontinued which meant there was no support and security vulnerabilities became too big a risk.

Due to the unexpected end of EE V2 SD Worx were very conscious that they had to pick a platform that would be realiable, secure, easy to use and last them for years to come. We were able to recommend Siteglide as it's a commercial platform supported by Adobe on Amazon AWS servers. Security, reliability and scaleability are fundamental components for both Siteglide and SD Worx. The extensive feature set and easy to use CMS also helped make it the right decision.

The Strategy and Solution

The strategy was very simple due to the clear remit: rebuild the site so that most people would not know it's been rebuilt. We highlighted areas for improvement and fixed responsive/SEO issues along the way.

It's a very large site with various databases of content which required considerable planning and careful execution to ensure everything was in place and correct. We used the WebApps feature of Siteglide to make the site easy to edit by separating content from code.

The new site responds better across devices, is being updated frequently and SD Worx are looking to utilise more of the Siteglide feature set. The built in Email Marketing suite will enable SD Worx to automatically build lists and create Campaigns quickly using existing content. Another new project is to build a Microsite for their annual conference in February 2018.

Comments from the team...

Rebuilding the SDWorx site has been rewarding despite the objective being to recreate it as closely as possible. We've focused on behind the scenes improvement for SEO and most importantly ease of editing. SD Worx now have the control they need to maintain their site.

Matt Walter - Lead Developer

The Technology

The technology behind the website is the most important part of this project and we're pleased to say that Siteglide has helped resolve the issues that the client had with the previous platform and ensure they're in control of their online presence.

Siteglide is far more than a CMS, it's a complete digital marketing platform with reliability, security and support at the core. We pride ourselves on the way we use Siteglide to push the boundaries of the web while offering the highest level of service and support.

Results and Performance

The outcome for SD Worx

SD Worx now have a website they can manage internally that is built on a reliable platform without concerns over security, reliability or performance. These were the core objectives and we're now moving onto new projects and features to help SD Worx get the most from the web.

The outcome for Wysi

We're extremely pleased to be working with SD Worx and to know the project has been a success. It was a challenge to rebuild such a large site in a short space of time and we're pleased to know we've made some important improvements along the way.

Feedback from SD Worx

Responsive service & support
Successful project outcome
Impressive new design
Likelihood of recommending Wysi: 10/10

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