Social Media Management

Finding a Wider Audience

Our Active Social Media Management Service will help find a wider audience for your business website content. By manually promoting your latest posts on your social channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram), your content catches the eye of people who may not otherwise have seen it.

Reputation Management

Posting to Social Media channels is a great way to tell the world about how good you or your company are. Like many marketing activities, it's best if you can do this on a regular and frequent basis, but many businesses will struggle for time to manage their social profiles which is why we offer this valuable service.

Case Study: DTB

DTB approached us to help them get more from their website primarily from a Search Engine Optimisation perspective. After going through the Discovery process with them it was clear that the current site required considerable work and instead it was better to rebuild it as a responsive website into the Siteglide CMS with SEO at the core.

DTB Logo

How it all works

Through our Active Social Media Management Service we engage with your followers on your behalf; we reply to comments, we grow your following. By finding other social profiles who we feel might be complementary to, or interested in, your business, products or services, we increase your visibility. It becomes a domino effect as their followers connect with you and before you know it, a new customer has been found.

The main social channels that we connect with are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and (for imagery) Instagram.


Social Media management is just one element of Digital Marketing. Like many of the other elements, when done correctly it can repay you many times over. 

No single element alone will ever bring you all the business you need; it's the same as a recipe and if one ingredient is omitted, the result may be quite disappointing!

Is your social profile looking neglected? Does it need a bit of spicing up perhaps?

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